I am a grief & trauma counselor as well as Loving Discipline SA educator and coach.  I was trained as a narrative counselor, and I also use play therapy to engage with children with behaviour problems. I am also the managing director of Karabo I am the solution, a NPC suporting vulnerable children and parents.

My practice is based in Fish Hoek,Kommetjie area in the Southern Peninsula.

After working with children with behaviour problems in schools and private practice for a number of years I have come to the conclusion that the old African saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is true. Behaviour problems can be very stubborn and a team consisting of the child, the parent, the teacher and a professional facilitator is needed to conquer them. Ultimately the child knows their challenges best, but we often exclude them from the process when we try to find solutions for challenging behaviour or we expect them to overcome the challenge by themselves, at worst we try to change behaviour by using fear and punishment.

Children often gets labelled or diagnosed with a “disorder” or a specific behaviour problem. They even get medication, which might or might not help to improve the behaviour problem. But we need to be on one team figting the problem and not the child. If we approach problem behaviour like this it can be overcome. A vital ingredient in the treatment of behaviour issues is often left out, the aspect of disciplining the child with behaviour problems. Discipline means to teach, not to punish. If discipline is not approached in a positive way, behaviour problems tend to fight back and become stronger. Some problems need a lot of teaching before they change.

I assist parents, teachers and the child to

  • investigate what causes the problem to appear
  • how to communicate with and about the problem
  • how to set clear boundaries
  • how to acknowledge the positive attributes of the child and build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • how to assist the child to make choices
  • how to handle consequences for wrong choices

Another aspect of my work is preventative.

I offer workshops for parents and teachers. They learn how to create a positive, but structured environment. Discipline techniques have changed a lot over past years. Corporal punishment has been removed from schools and many parents want to use a more positive approach. Punishment and reward systems (e.g. detention and merit systems) fail because the child learns to rely on external motivators for behaviour and it only works for a small percentage of children.I am also the managing director of Karabo I am the solution, a non-profit company supporting vulnerable children and parents.

Loving discipline creates a structured environment

where children and adults are responsible for and can regulate their own behaviour. Where children learn to make choices and live with the consequence of a choice. Where communication is clear and children know what is expected of them. We aim to raise children with a high level of emotional intelligence, equipped to handle life’s challenges and stresses.

On a personal note

I love spending time watching the ocean while walking on the beach, reading a good book or article, watching movies and spending time with my children around the table or on my bed.

I see myself as part of the "caring tribe". People are my passion and I love to equip and assist adults. I love working with families and teachers who value maintaining positive, respectful, loving relationships within boundaries of safety.

I have three children between the ages of 15 and 22 and I love them dearly. Divorce and ADHD has been some of the challenges we have faced in our family, but throughout we value assertive communication, empathy, helpfulness, respect and kindness.

I can't wait to meet you in person or via Skype. Phone me on 076 381 3885 or email You will do the work, because you are the expert of your life, but I will be there all the way to coach, support, encourage and witness your experience.


I am managing director of Karabo: I am the solution (NPC) Our work over the last few years involves:


  • training community workers to do grief counselling with groups of Orphans and vulnerable children.
  • developing a divorce support program
  • Educating Gr.1-3 children in HIV prevention
  • Volunteer counselling at different Schools
  • Empowering Stoneridge primary to open a computer reading centre
  • Bully Prevention talks at schools in partnership with SAP
  • Sex education talks at Primary Schools
  • Implementing Positive Discipline Programs in Schools

My training

  • 1990   B-Consumer Science (Clothing and Interior) - University of Pretoria Main Subjects: Clothing, Marketing, Interior design
  • 1997   Certificate in Marriage and Family counselling  - UNISA
  • 2003   Certificate in Children’s ministry - UNISA
  • 2009   Beginners Play Therapy Course – Centre for Play Therapy
  • Advanced Play therapy Course – Centre for Play Therapy
  • 2010   Sand and Clay Play therapy workshop
  • Rape Wise Sexual offences workshop
  • Rape Wise Advanced trauma and trauma de-briefing workshop
  • Addressing Diversity in the South African Classroom – Down Syndrome association SA
  • 2011   Exploring Narrative Ideas Workshop (part 1) – Northfield Methodist Church
  • Exploring Narrative Ideas Workshop (part 2) – Northfield Methodist Church
  • Exploring Narrative Ideas Workshop (part 3) – Northfield Methodist Church
  • 2012   Exploring Narrative Ideas Workshop (48 hours) – Northfield Methodist Church
  • Creative intervention Play Therapy training – South African Play therapy association
  • 2013   Magister Philosophiae (practical theology) degree - University of Pretoria - Topic: Co-operative co-parenting after divorce a pastoral challenge
  • 2015   Walking with wounded children – Petra College
  • Narrative Foundations workshop – Elize Morkel
  • Opening up Possibilities through Narative Practice Conference