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Parent coaching is the answer for parents who thought it would be easy to raise their children and had many ideas about how they would go about doing it but somehow it is not as easy as they thought. Maybe with your first child everything went great, but all of a sudden the same strategies don’t work for the second child. Or just as the new baby arrived your oldest started acting out. You are worried that you are doing something wrong. Parent coaching is the answer. You don’t just want to discipline the way you were disciplined, you want to try a new approach, but nothing seems to be working. You and your partner do not always agree on the way to discipline your children and it is causing conflict in your relationship. You want to create a loving family and give your children the best possible start in life, but your dreams seem to fade and raising your children is driving you nuts, you feel stressed and out of control.

Parent coaching will show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be. It will answer your questions, help you find the loving but assertive way to use in every discipline encounter. Parent coaching teaches you to use midbahaviour as an opportunity to teach your child the life skills they need to succeed in life. I’m here to help you create your family’s story of love and connection. I am here to help you become the parent you want to be.

You come to me not just for parenting advice, or stuff you can get for free in books. You come for a unique perspective that will forever change your perception of discipline, one that will ultimately empower your to succeed. My years of experience in working with children have taught me that there is always a reason for misbehaviour in children; empathy will teach you to see the misbehaviour as an opportunity to teach and not to punish. You will leave our session with actionable ideas to create a family that values love, respect, communication and teamwork.

Parent coaching can serve different purposes:

It is a pro-active solution for people who want to understand their children's behaviour and developmental phases and make sure that they maintain a positive relationship with their children for the rest of their lives.


It is a re-active solution for parents struggling to understand a child with a difficult temperament and challenging behaviour. The goal is to maintain the relationship and develop various skills within the child and parent.

Parenting is the role that we often find ourselves least equipped for. You are the most important person in your child’s life and can have the biggest impact. Different children have different needs, their personalities differ, and they might face challenges like ADHD, sensory integration problems or various other learning difficulties. Things like temper tantrums can make us feel powerless and doubtful of our skills as parents. We might also discover that we don’t always agree as parents on the best strategies to use when disciplining out children. Each family’s needs are unique and therefore I will design a program that will address your needs. I believe you are the expert on your family and we will discover obstacles and solutions together. You are the most important ingredient in the process and my aim is to assist you in creating a good relationship between you and your child.

Parent coaching Introduction session

Personal assessment of your needs.

We get to know each other and you decide if you want to continue the process

If you would like to explore the possibility of Parent Coaching, please contact me by sending an email to or phoning me at 076 381 3885