Teachers are some of the most vulnerable people in South African society today.

  • They give of themselves to the children sitting in front of them, every single day of their lives.
  • They wear many hats; parent, disciplinarian, counselor, sports coach, academic advisor, nurse and many more.
  • A large portion of the children they are teaching are traumatized by the violent societies they live in.
  • Research shows that 20% of South African teenagers display signs of PTSD

Add to this the fact that teachers experience their own personal struggles and you have a recipe for burnout!!!


But you are worth being taken care of and  I am offering you a safe space

The Safe space will

  • give you a platform to voice your frustrations
  • give you the practical tools you need to handle the stress of your profession and personal life.
  • give you access to a trained counselor / coach