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Self regulation resource 1 The brain .pdf

The first step to teaching self control / self regulation to a child is understanding how the child's brain works. Several brain regions support the skills relevant to self-control. For effective self-control, these regions all need to be interconnected and must communicate with each other.

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Self regulation resource 2 Powerful adults.pdf

Before you can teach selfr egulation and self control to your child you must be able to regulate your own upset. Download this resource to learn more about becoming a powerful adult.

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Self regulation resource 3 Managing emotions.pdf

Understanding emotions and their role in our life is and important key to self regulation.

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Self regulation resource 4 Teaching Time management.pdf

Time management and following a routine are skills that children have to be taught. Download this useful tool for teching time management.

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Self regulation 5 Teaching cooperation.pdf

Learning to function as part of a team is a vital skill. Find out how to do this in this free download.

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Become a powerful teacher.pdf

In order to prevent burnout you have to take control. This download will tell you where to start.

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