Joalida Smit, a neurological psychologist.:
I refer my clients to Karin for help with practical discipline issues that arise as a result of the challenges some of my patients live with. Before I started referring I attended parent coaching myself to make sure that I could endorse her services. I myself am a mother of two pre-school boys. Karin was able to offer helpful, practical solutions! Her style was kind and supportive, her manner gentle and professional. Her approach was focused and hands-on. The philosophy of loving discipline is exactly what I believed in and how I wanted to parent. It excited me to know that there was a different approach to kind and gentle parenting!

Karen Berry - Little Cameleons play group:

Angie (name changed to protect the family’s privacy) and her husband approached me almost two years ago to assist with a discipline and parenting strategy for their family of 5. They struggled because they wanted to use different strategies and it caused conflict between them. Both of them attended the training and are very committed to implement the tools and living the core values of Loving discipline. It has definitely not been an easy route, but according to both of them, it changed their lives and their relationship with their children. Angie’s Tantrum experience yesterday……. My 2 year old had a serious tantrum in the shops yesterday, because she wanted a specific Barbie sandal and there wasn't one in her size available. I have 2 older daughters and before Loving Discipline, I dealt with tantrums very differently. I used to shame them, by saying something like, "Look at how all the people are staring at you. Stop crying immediately." That never helped and made the tantrum worse. Or I would walk away, leave them crying and say, "I am waiting for you, when you are ready, come to me." That sometimes worked, but I realize now how unsafe they must have felt, with me leaving them to cry all alone... Well, yesterday it was different. Because of the emotional upset skill, Loving Discipline taught me, I was able to recognize very quickly why she was having a "scream-your-lungs-out" episode. I reassured her that I can see that she is very upset because none of the Barbie shoes fit her. I was able to "put myself in her shoes" and understand her upset and it helped me to stay calm. I was also able to explain her upset to her sisters who were starting to get anxious, because the people around us were staring at us. By doing this, I used a real life situation to teach and model empathy. As soon as they understood, they wanted to help her calm down. I explained to them that we might have to go home, as their little sister was having a difficult time and that we wouldn't be able to get them the shoes they needed. My eldest suggested I give her dummy to her - that was a helpful suggestion, but as I took the dummy out I saw it was broken. This was the second trigger and our baby sister started crying even more. Aaaaaargh!!!!! I decided to stay calm, breathe deeply and keep on reassuring her that we understand why she is upset and that we are going to get her another dummy. As she realized we were going to help her, she immediately calmed down. With her new dummy in her mouth, we were able to continue our shopping spree. We even managed to fit on a few other shoes that didn’t fit well, buy her sisters some shoes without any further tantrums. Thank you Loving Discipline. Without these skills I would have certainly had to go home with 3 upset children.

Vera Botha Acting Principal: Kommetjie Primary School:

During 2016, our school realized that we needed to re-look and refresh our current Code of Conduct. We were fortunate enough to have Mrs Karin Grobler as one of our parents, and after discussion with her, realized that Loving Discipline sounded like the correct avenue to reach our goal.

The whole staff attended a 10 week long course and the more we learnt, the more we all bought into the idea. Mrs Grobler is the type of person that will lead a group of people gently, yet firmly.

It soon became apparent that she is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of how the brain functions and how people think and react and that Loving Discipline is something she lives every day.

Not only did she help us to make changes in our Code of Conduct, but she also helped us realise the importance of consequences and being consistent as a staff. When we were unsure of how to proceed further, she volunteered to help us at the beginning of 2017.

Mrs Grobler has also been very valuable in counselling staff members individually whenever they needed support and help.

We will certainly make use of her services again should the need arise.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information.


Kind regards

Vera Botha

Acting Principal: Kommetjie Primary School

Tel: 021 7832407

Rene Marillier:
To Karin Grobler
When you step into our lives you brought not just hope but light and understanding to our situation. Having to basically live a life of fear as to when the school will call for my son’s next misbehaviour tantrum resulting in us rushing off from work at least twice a week. Everything seemed so out of place as we could not understand why he was behaving in the manner he was, as he was a loving and caring child. We as parents were literally standing at a point in my son’s life where we could see society pushing him for the lack of a better word, to be a reject. We followed so many advices but knew we need to stand with our son as he is valued and loved and he is not a reject.
Out of panic we took him for all sorts of assessments and ADHD was confirmed (he was on cencerta for the past 2 years already). The Educational Psychometrist referred us to Karin Grobler, the best advice we could ever have taken. It took mind changing on the whole concept of ADHD as Karin made us understand how to deal with our son and reminded us that he is perfectly normal but has to develop ways to deal with his emotions. She thus started a process with us as a family whereby we all could help him identify his emotions and dealing with it immediately from a space of love which will prevent the pass out breaks.
It was fascinating how she could get a child who was a close book to open up about stuff and get an understanding what he was going through. She notice stuff that we did not and advise us how to deal with it, stuff such as he has to move his hands to help with concentration or his feet. Yep small things but it made a huge difference. She went as far as assisting getting him rehabilitated back in school after a suspension and gave the teachers and understanding from Jamie’s ability and challenges and how to deal with things when they do pop up.
Yes we are starting to live our lives not in fear but knowing it will be a journey we are prepared to walk as we are not in this alone. Equipped with tools, thanks to Karen, to take decisions in situations and be confident that it will be good for our son. Likewise my son has been equipped with tools for when faces things that could possible flair up tantrums, we have witness now numerous times how he has matured in this area
My advice to any parent that facing a child with discipline issues at school, please contact Karen….she is an Angel send to HELP!!

So Much Love
Rene, Michael, Dane and Jamie

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